Abstract Ambience : Broken Space

Welcome to the website of Volume Objects / Autistici / Monogoto / Soft Generator - a UK sound designer and composer.

Monogoto lastest album release Partial Deletion of Everything (Vol. 2) out now on Polar Seas.

Soft Generator lastest release 'On A Precipice Of Sound' out now on Shimmering Moods Records.

A playlist of selected tracks can be heard below.


Album, EP & Single Releases


Soft Generator - On A Precipice Of Sound

Label: Shimmering Moods Records

Date: October 2023

Cat & Format: SHM 266 | Ltd CD & DD

Tracklist: 01. On A Precipice Of Movement | 02. We Were Always Here | 03. Vertically Aligned Dust Particles | 04.A Closer Point Of View

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On A Precipice Of Sound presents four enigmatic musical narratives. Electronic and acoustic motifs intertwine in a collage of sound textures made up of esoteric strings, violin and cello plucks, wind instruments including trumpet, guitar and atmospheric synthesizers. Traversing time and spatiality each track gathers distance, gathering fragments of audio dust, placing it and repurposing it. At times following the instinct of an old classical orchestra at other times jazz and electronic music this is an eclectic approach developed by musicians enjoying the freedom to express themselves and build on each other’s contributions.


Autistici - Grusch's Biologics

Label: Poverty Electronics

Date: August 2023

Cat & Format: PE | DD

Tracklist: 01. Grusch's Biologics

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The first in a series of reconstructions by various artists of datewithdeath's 'Execution Style' LPpovertyelectronics.bandcamp.com/album/execution-style

Composed by Autistici
From sound material by Travis D. Johnson / datewithdeath


Soft Generator - On A Map Of Sound

Label: Slow Tone Collages

Date: February 2023

Cat & Format: STC 024 | Ltd CD & DD

Tracklist: 01. A Further Point Of View | 02. We Found It

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On a Map of Sound is compiled from two long form journeys that traverse a narrative across time and space. Extending distance, gathering fragments of audio dust and polishing it. The result endures just as the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.....

Soft Generator are:
David Newman (Autistici/Volume Objects) - volume-objects.com
Erik Schoster (He Can Jog) - hecanjog.com
Michel Mazza (OdNu)

Erik Schoster spent his formative years honking a trombone and photocopying zines in the American Midwest. He studied composition and harmony with Joanne Metcalf, electroacoustic improvisation with Matt Turner, and trombone with Nick Keelan. Erik sometimes records as HeCanJog. He currently writes free (libre) sound software by the Mississippi river, but would rather be listening.

Michel Mazza identifies as a negentropic agent of sound, plays guitar through machines and plays machines through midi guitar, knitting loops with faders, chopping tiny melodies to reconstruct abstract languages made of grains and debris from acoustic instruments, synths, voices and field recordings. Sometimes records as OdNu and sometimes collaborates with sonic friends but always hides in the forest in upstate New York surrounded by nature, music, machines and speakers.

David Newman is electronic music composer who is based in Sheffield (UK). His work incorporates a wide range of sources including textural sound design, orchestration, space and fragments of found sound or field recordings. Tracks focus on representing details from both the natural and man-made world. Each detail has the potential to be preserved or lost, clarified or confused. David curates Audiobulb Records and sometimes records as Autistici. This means that any audio element, including elements from his own body become incorporated into the composition.

Written and produced by Soft Generator
Mastered by Volume Objects


Monogoto - Partial Deletion Of Everything (Vol 2)

Label: Polar Seas

Date: November 2022

Cat & Format: PSR063 | CD & DD

Tracklist: 01. Komorebi [deletion 47] | 02. Seedling [deletion 14 | 03. Lamella [deletion 78] | 04. In Situ - Upper Air [deletion 19]

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Ambient artists Ian Hawgood, Porya Hatami and David Newman continue their series of works based on the concept of creation, change, deletion, and loss.

Partial Deletion of Everything (Vol 2) follows up from the initial release of Vol 1 released on 12k in the month of November 2020.

Volume 2 brings a suite of tracks exploring the impermanent sound objects and their evolution across time and into silence. Each piece brings natural, electronic and orchestral sounds into focus and then dispersal. Each deletion references the interplay of existence between the physical reality and the subjective. Our bodies hold our memories and experience the impact of birth, change and loss.

As an artist collective we are pleased the music traverses the sad and the uplifting, the experimental and orthodox. It bends like the light through leaves or debris in the waxing ocean. It passes time and holds a mirror up to the experience of that time passing.

Our work to date as individual artists has graced many excellent labels including 12k, Home Normal, Hibernate, Audiobulb Records, Dragons Eye, 12 rec, Eilean Records to name but a few.

Written by Ian Hawgood, Porya Hatami and David Newman
Mastered by Ian Hawgood
Photography by Paul Bilger


Soft Generator - Ack • Now • Ledge

Label: Carpe Sonum Records

Date: December 2021

Cat & Format: SKU: NOVUM-XXIIII | Ltd CD & DD

Tracklist: 01. Ack | 02. Know | 03. Owl | 04. Ledge

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Is a Soft Generator a Soft Machine? Judging by the beautifully blossoming splatterpulse of the opening “Ack”, with its filters peeking (and peaking) over a rainbow-hued, synthetic horizon, such a generator of pillowy delight would no doubt do William Burroughs proud. The sounds percolating herein do in fact make for machines of loving grace, the effect startling enough but strangely soothing, circuits doing penance to both themselves and the worshipping listener. Midway through “Ack”, you’re taken on a tour of (post)-Namlook-like reverie, where temporal tides shift and your mind seems to literally bisect outer space; space-time folds as blips, phizzes, and squirts arc upon a very Inoue-esque soundstage, augmented by faux-dub echo that shimmers throughout and descends back to earth like steel rain. “Know” brings home the beats and sequencer surge with as fine a pedigree as some newly-minted Tangerine Dream b-side, while “Owl” channels Delia Derbyshire and the INA-GRM crew thanks to some ingeniously-coined synthetic flutters and weirdly oxygenated chills and frills. The closing “Ledge” suggests the listener looks down into the electronic abyss, but what stares back isn’t simply dark drones and omniscient tones; rather, there’s a stately classical air that posits Ryuichi Sakamoto and Max Richter jamming in an elevator with Johann Johannsen. Funky fugue states, done with considerable aplomb, compositional vigor, and no small amount of atmospheric delight.

Soft Generator are:
David Newman (Autistici/Volume Objects)
Erik Schoster (He Can Jog)


Soft Generator - A Carefully Controlled Space

Label: Whitelabrecs

Date: July 2021

Cat & Format: wlr097 | Ltd CD & DD

Tracklist: 01. Inducement | 02. Asclepeion Process | 03. Incubation | 04. Enkoimesis

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In this new release, we welcome a collaboration between David Newman (Autistici) and Erik Schoster (He Can Jog). These artists have released music individually across a range of labels including 12k, KESH, Hibernate, Home Recordings, Audiobulb Records and Distance Recordings. This duo have worked together to form Soft Generator, with their inaugural release featuring artwork by collage artist Tom Tebby.

‘A Carefully Controlled Space’ was crafted with orchestral sounds, analogue and modular synthesisers, computer generated routines, the Pippi Computer System pippi.world and field recordings.

The work centres on the idea of hypnotic rest as a portal to recovery. Referencing the process of Asclepeion 'sleep temples', visited by the citizens of ancient Greece, the album wonders what it would be like to go through the ritual and process in modern times. A Carefully Controlled Space imagines a remedy as it reaches out and offers each listener a chance to reset, heal and escape.

Soft Generator are:
David Newman (Autistici/Volume Objects)
Erik Schoster (He Can Jog)


Monogoto - Partial Deletion Of Everything (Vol 1)

Label: 12k

Date: November 2020

Cat & Format: 12k3027 | DD

Tracklist: 01. Iuxta Mare [deletion 5]

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Ambient artists and peers Ian Hawgood, Porya Hatami and David Newman have come together to compose a series of works based on the concept of creation, change and loss. Partial Deletion of Everything (Vol I) marks the beginning of this shared stream of consciousness.

The first volume contains a single long-form track titled ‘Iuxta Mare’. The track weaves acoustic instruments, field recordings, synthesisers and modular chains to sculpt its narrative and channel a flow across acoustic space, time and silence.

The Partial Deletion of Everything series focusses on impermanent objects and their placement within time. Even somethings as vast and powerful as the ocean was once not here. The Work chronicles the impact of beautiful moments in time and documents how they change, disintegrate and fade. Each ‘deletion’ references the interplay between physical reality and subjective experience. Our bodies hold memories and experience the impact of changes and loss.

As an artist collective, we are pleased the music is at once exquisitely sad and uplifting. It flows at a surface level whilst encompassing deep undercurrents. Like ocean waves, each reflection holds up a mirror to the experience time passing.

Our work to date as individual artists has featured on many excellent labels including 12k, Home Normal, Hibernate, Audiobulb, Dragons Eye, 12 rec, Eilean Records and many others. 


Autistici & Justin Varis - Nine

Label: Eilean Records

Date: January 2016

Cat & Format: Eilean 90 | Ltd CD & DD

CD 1 - 01. light blue | 02. red grey orange | 03. blue (heart of a diver) | 04. grey orange red | 05. violet green | 06. orange red grey | 07. amber (sleep test for erik) | 08. yellow

CD 2 - 01. blue light (marcus fischer - version) | 02. red grey orange (isnaj dui - remix) | 03. blue (christopher hipgrave - remix)| 04. grey orange red (monty adkins - remix) | 05. violet green (pillowdiver - remix) | 06. orange red grey (offthesky - remix) | 07. amber (letters! on sounds - remix) | 08. yellow (wil bolton - remix)

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Autistici is David Newman a sound artist based in Sheffield, UK and Justin Varis is a sound artist based in Los Angeles, USA. Both have released music on various labels worldwide, including David’s Audiobulb Records imprint , and some established labels such as 12K, Home Normal, Hibernate or Dronarivm. Their sound is often described as electronic, electro-acoustic, microsound, ambient, musique concrete or experimental.

They present on eilean rec. their first collaborative release, a dense and abstract opus which can be experienced in a lot of ways, feelings and melodies. a wonderful work, which is completed by some remixes from eight music artists close to their universe, including : Christopher Hipgrave, Isnaj Dui, Letters! On Sounds, Marcus Fischer, Monty Adkins, Offthesky, Pillowdiver, Wil Bolton.


Autistici - Temporal Enhancement

Temporal Enhancement

Label: Dronarivm

Date: November 2015

Cat & Format: DR-34 | CD & DD

Tracklist: 01. Feeling Before Thinking | 02. Opened Up Too Quickly | 03. Habituation Of The Heart | 04. The Grotesque Physicality Of Waiting | 05. Thinking Before Feeling | 06. Slowing Down Before You Stop

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"Temporal Enhancement" is a sonic exploration of the perception of time. Each sound is an event. Each event a ‘here and now’ perception, experienced and consigned to memory. Each sound exists in the ‘specious present’ and exists for a set duration before ending. Temporal space in between each sound populates the narrative of present and past. The brain relies on memory to bring order and meaning to the sequence and to notice changes across the passage of time. The experience of harmony or disharmony all depend on the placement of events, the spaces between these events and relation of each event to each other.

"Temporal Enhancement" brings together a range of abstract ambient, folk, microsound and modern classical influences to create its narrative. Audio artefacts are interwoven from a range of man made and natural acoustic sources. Details are preserved or lost, clarified or confused through the compositional process. Each track is an offering, an invitation to join external signal and internal perception. In a world where the perception of time can be both a joyous or painful experience the sounds offer an insight into the human condition. Autistici works on the premise that the true and final experience of any sound belongs in the mind’s ear of the listener.

In the words of Francis Bacon: “Perhaps one day I will manage to capture an instant of life in all its violence and all its beauty.”


Autistici - Live At Electric Spring

Live at Electric Spring

Label: Audiobulb

Date: June 2015

Cat & Format: AB062 | DD

Tracklist: 01. Live At Electric Spring | 02. Questions For Autistici

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Autistici is David Newman, a UK electronic music composer who is based in Sheffield (UK). Autistici’s work incorporates a wide range of sources including textural sound design, orchestration, space and fragments of found sound or field recordings.

Electric Spring is an annual festival of sonic exploration, hosted by the department of music of the University of Huddersfield. The five-day programme of concerts, talks and workshops brings together some of the cutting edge proposals in acousmatic and mixed music, software interfaces and video music. Electric Spring is curated by Artistic Directors, Monty Adkins & Pierre Alexandre Tremblay. The festival showcases the Huddersfield Immersive Sound System http://www.thehiss.org

This live set showcases a decade of work. The integration of audio artefacts interwoven into a narrative of man made and natural environments. Each detail has the potential to be preserved or lost, clarified or confused through compositional amplification. Thousands of audio elements, including those sourced from his own body are incorporated into the soundscape. The interplay between internal and external is merged through the process of perception.  Autistici works on the premise that the existence of any noise ultimately belongs in the mind’s ear of the listener.


Autistici - Attaching Softness

Attaching Softness

Label: Audiobulb

Date: January 2014

Cat & Format: AB050 | DD

Tracklist: 01. Battery Setup In A Forest Clearing | 02. Blanket & Radiator | 03. Attaching Softness To A Shell | 04. Blue Stem Sister | 05. Projections From A Prayer | 06. Meditation On Distance

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Attaching Softness is a collection of detailed microsound pieces including collaborative works with Calika and Henry Duclos. It includes the original full-length version of Attaching Softness to a Shell. This track amplifies and recontextualises the musicality of natural sounds, setting them in an environment musical and rhythmic flows. At times the track is pure scientific field recordings (incorporating the work of Professor Andrea Polli - who extrapolated data regarding hurricanes and used this to generate sound).


Autistici - Beneath Peaks

Beneath Peaks

Label: Hibernate

Date: August 2012

Cat & Format: HB44 | CD & DD

Tracklist: 01. Asleep Under Nests | 02. Edall | 03. Mam Tor Soarers' Workshop | 04. Styx | 05. Edge Over Millstone View | 06. Padley Gorge | 07. Noe (Upper Booth) | 08. Margrave's Dining Room | 09. Aidale | 10. Peveril's Open Door | 11. Sleep State For Carl Wark

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Autistici is Sheffield, UK based composer/sound designer David Newman. He has released his work through Home Normal, 12k and Kesh, as well as his own label Audiobulb. His sound is characterised by the attention he pays to tiny detail, right from capturing the sound, carefully developing it and onto the stage where he sets them all together to create a new sound context from several disparate sources.

His first album for Hibernate is Beneath Peaks, which explores the ancient countryside of the Peak District, UK through its eleven tracks. The sounds you will hear were harvested from hikes and camping trips around the region’s hills, meadows, streams and bracken edged pathways. In the opening track ‘Asleep Beneath Nests’ you can even hear David snoring at Fieldhead campsite as he lay asleep in a tent!

The Peak District is a vast expanse of landscape and skyline. Within it there are nestled sheltered areas, ancient pathways and sites, mysterious caves and imposing rock formations. It seemed natural that David would respond to his fond affinity with this historic area in the form of sound design and composition. The album cover was taken by David himself as he spent a day walking from The Fox House down to Castleton. It gives an indication of the expansiveness and wonderful hues of the rocks and sky.

Aside from the wealth of carefully sculpted and assembled fragments that were taken in the Peak District, David has woven in a melodic element to accompany the narrative; drawing from the sounds of piano, guitar, synthesizers and electronics. The sound processing was often channelled through a software module created by Christopher Hipgrave, called AMBIENT. Additional guitar on 'Edge Over Millstone View’ was provided by Erik Schoster.


Autistici - Amplified Presence

Amplified Presence

Label: Home Normal

Date: October 2011

Cat & Format: Home n029 | CD & DD

Tracklist: 01. Automated Night Light | 02. Bed Of Powdered Glass | 03. Religion Of Water And Air | 04. Vocal Chords | 05. Attachment Type | 06. Sixteenth | 07. Tower Location | 08. Slow Rotor Sensory Loop | 09. Field | 10. Slow Fluorescence

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David Newman’s work as an artist and label owner has always quietly amazed me and been a source of great inspiration, but his most recent record marks David out as one of the most talented, unique and wild (yes, wild) artists around. Autistici’s ‘Amplified Presence’ is one of the most expansive and deeply imaginative works we’ve heard in a long time. Throughout the ten pieces, David highlights an incredibly intense awareness and placement of a variety of sounds, which is perhaps one of his great trademarks or signatures. Where the album really caught me personally was in its sheer playfulness and the wonderful, almost child-like, melodies that spring forth throughout the entire record. It is a very rare talent indeed to at once be so intense, detailed and intelligent, whilst having something so dripping in melody that it takes a good few listens to really take on board just how rich in detail and development this record is. As a personal hero of mine, its incredibly exciting and humbling that David has given us the chance to release this incredible next step on the Autistici journey.


Autistici Reworked: Resonating Wires

Resonating Wires

Label: Audiobulb

Date: September 2010

Cat & Format: AB032 | CDr & DD

Tracklist: 01. Orexis - Simon Scott | 02. Telephone Lullaby - Bluermutt | 03. Tide Ride - Sawako | 04. Remix - Jimmy Behan | 05. Untitled #241 - Francisco Lopez | 06. Isan Ice Later - Isan | 07. First - Justin Varis | 08. Remix - Ian Hawgood & Dan Norbury | 09. Wire. Re - Richard Chartier | 10. Chorale Mix - He Can Jog

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Autistici is David Newman the label head of Audiobulb Records. Over the last decade he has released music on 12k, KESH, Audiobulb Records and many net labels. His work usually exists within the zone of abstract experimental sound design, sculptured ambience and microsound. This allows his attention to detail and love of tiny sounds to interplay with melodic and/or abstract resonant textures. Autistici is an active member of the UK electronic community and was recently invited by Lou Reed to perform at VIVID live @ Sydney Opera House.

Resonating Wire started as one vibrating wire from an acoustic guitar, captured, sculptured and morphed into a buzzing pad of noise. Tiny details were added, xylophone, cello, double bass, electronics and the crumpled sound of household objects exploited and manipulated. The original track can be found on the album Complex Tone Test released on KESH.

Resonating Wires sees the process start again. It is an album of remixes by talented artists. It is an album in its own right. That one vibrating wire and all the other elements are open to intense reinterpretation. The countless possibilities are explored and the palette is expanded. From Simon Scott’s minimal beginning, Bluermutt’s electro awaking, Sawako’s gentle and intimate vocalisations, Behan’s resonant and distorted drive, Lopez brings it back to minimal sounds objects, Isan, Hawgood & Norbury expand the original structures, Varis examines his world of disjointed objects, Chartier settles us with minimalism before He Can Jog’s warm electronic retro ending.

Audiobulb has always been about the spirit of exploration. The aim is to stay with the moment and exploit the possibilities of sound. Resonating Wires aims to provide the listener with a journey through the possibilities of sound – at times quiet and minimal with space to breathe. At times loud and complex, building an all encompassing presence. With this wire we are sound.


Autistici - Slow Temperature: Early Works (Vol. II)

Slow Temperature

Label: Audiobulb

Date: July 2010

Cat & Format: AB030 | CDr & DD

Tracklist: 01. Waking The Sky | 02. Soft Grey Generator | 03. Cutlery | 04. Farm | 05. Stone Steps Into Water | 06. Counting Sleep | 07. Projections From A Prayer | 08. Carved From Lips | 09. Meditation On Distance | 10. Switches On A Hidden Wall | 11. Workshop For Ambitious Dreamers

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Volume II brings together archive material from 2001 to 2005. The collection features abstract ambience, a focus on microsounds and digital sculpting of audio from everyday objects. From the pitched down tones of an Asian dawn chorus (Waking The Sky), drone tones and record player mechanics (Soft Grey Generator), cutlery drawer clatters (Cutlery) and animal calls against a tense farm environment (Farm); each track represents a place and a part from Autistici’s life. Slow Temperature is the bridge between Autistici’s artistic conception and his Volume Objects release in 2008 (12k). Works illustrate a fascination with the interplay of silence, space and sound. At times tiny explosions of electronic output are extrapolated into a compositional whole (Stone Steps Into Water & Projections From a Prayer). The album ends with Workshop for Ambitious Dreamers a study into the manipulation of sine waves, oscillators and analogue electro-harp plucks exploring themes of subjectivity and freedom in thought and speech.


Autistici - Detached Metal Voice: Early Works (Vol. I)

Detached Metal Voice

Label: Audiobulb

Date: March 2010

Cat & Format: AB028 | CDr & DD

Tracklist: 01. On A Beach Of Pure Data | 02. Morphine (Detail) | 03. BlaK BloK | 04. In Finity Shell | 05. Colonic People | 06. They Move On Me | 07. It Contains A Diagnosis | 08. Ligaments | 09. Beneath | 10. Babyman | 11. Whispering Mongo Man

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A collection of tracks exploring the raw extrusion of the human condition. Bringing together early works, Detached Metal Voice is characterised by an abstract narrative exploring the anxiety of disconnected elements striving to find connection in a world of digital communication. AT&T voice overs provide threads of psychological association, rhythmic neoclassical arrangements and noise electronic jazz improvisations provide the backdrop. Many experimental techniques are in place within the creative process of these tracks. Laboratory sine wave oscillators sweep through many of the tracks, tones are produced from simple homemade synthesisers. There is a homage to voice synthesis including excerpts taken from many of the early laboratory attempts to produce the human voice through the mode of synthesis, including work pioneered by Philip Rubin from the Haskins Laboratories, Tom Baer, and Paul Mermelstein. This synthesizer, known as ASY, was based on vocal tract models developed at Bell Laboratories in the 1960s and 1970s by Paul Mermelstein, Cecil Coker, and colleagues.

In tracks such as “Babyman” Autistici illustrates a fascination in hearing machines talking about emotive subjects, emulating emotive tonal changes and yet having no real connection to the subjective emotional experience. Alternatively tracks such as “Whispering Mongo Man” contain a 15 minute interview with John Lennon with all the words spoken by John deleted from the sound file.... Leaving only the intake
and exhalation of breath. With the content missing we are left with a sense of emotion contained within the spaces – the working of a man’s body.

The album encourages the listener to consider the complex question of how meaning, relationships and connections are constructed, communicated and perceived.


Autistici - Complex Tone Test

Complex Tone Test

Label: Kesh

Date: September 2009

Cat & Format: Kesh012 | CD & DD

Tracklist: 01. Key For A Lockable Cabinet | 02. Meticule | 03. Resonating Wire | 04. Closing | 05. La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi | 06. Refractory | 07. Disintegrated Interest | 08. Annualized Light (2.2) | 09. Meadow Bed

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A follow-up to the Volume Objects 12K album release that arrived at the very beginning of the year, Autistici's Complex Tone Test continues to explore a broad spectrum of electroacoustic phenomena, derived from digital, instrumental and naturally occurring sounds. 'Key For A Lockable Cabinet' is an especially striking confluence of these elements, sounding like a study of intermingled woodwind, mellotron and environmental crackle while preserving the implicitly melodic qualities that illuminated the 12K long-player. Delving into more synthetic areas of sound design 'Meticule' takes pulsing oscillations and layers them into a Raster Noton-like network of more rigid glitch rhythms, setting the whole thing off into an escalating, motorised pattern that acquires a thudding back beat for a few moments. Following this unexpectedly robust sequence of events, 'Resonating Wire' brings us back to a delicate microsound universe, characterised by close-miced, atomised percussive gestures, gauzy beams of hiss and eventually, some rather lovely bowed strings. As the album continues it seems to alternate between strict experimentalism and more ornamental sound designs, striking up a smart balance between the head-flooding machinations of 'La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi' and the prettier, more decorative likes of 'Meadow Bed'. Two of the finest pieces arrive late on: Disintegrated Interest' is a relatively short dissection of instrumental sources, reminiscent of early academic tape music, while 'Annualized Light' is a delightful ear massage that incorporates thin, elastic synth textures continuously panning far-left to far-right while processed recordings of sneezes, speech and electronic tones fill the space in between.


Autistici - Volume Objects

Volume Objects

Label: 12k

Date: January 2008

Cat & Format: 12k1045 | CD & DD

Tracklist: 01. 9V Tree Battery | 02. Wire Cage For Tiny Birds | 03. Heated Dust On A Sunlit Window | 04. Broken Guitar, Discarded Violin | 05. To Human Form | 06. Ageless Visitor, Eroded Time | 07. Attached Softness To A Shell [C] | 08. (Before You Go) Curet Must Be Protected | 09. From A False Memory

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In the desire to make recorded sound as tactile as possible Autistici (UK), recently featured on 12k’s Blueprints compilation (12k1039), has sculpted found objects, broken acoustic instruments, synthesizers and environmental recordings into Volume Objects. Expertly realized and designed, Volume Objects is loose and organic and demands careful listening. Melody and form are hinted at and then in a whisper, a crackle, are gone. A sense of narrative and place created as if a hundred tiny objects are scattered in front of you, a fractured story that you thought you once remembered.

The packaging for this release includes an 8-page booklet of black & white photography by Taylor Deupree inspired by the music and titles of the audio pieces. All printed materials in this package have been printed on 100% recycled paper.

Autistici creates audio narratives aimed at exploring the interchange between sound and space. Space in this context also includes the space within the listener’s head. In this realm reflection and fantasy recontextualise the sound according to the listener’s inner world. Autistici’s work incorporates a wide range of sources including textural sound design, orchestration, space and fragments of found sound or field recordings. Tracks focus on representing details from both the natural and man made world. Each detail has the potential to be preserved or lost, clarified or confused. This means that any audio element, including elements from his own body become incorporated into the composition. This fascination on the interplay between inner and outer world embodies Autistici’s sound. There is an intimate, intense and enmeshed sense of connection with tiny details (e.g., dust on vinyl, a door opening, heart beats, breathing, snoring). Autistici has released tracks on 12k, Audiobulb Records, Hippocamp, Kikapu and Wandering Ear.


Autistici - Shifting Focus Across 360 Notes


Label: Kikapu

Date: November 2006

Cat & Format: Circle03 | CDr (Ltd Edition)

Tracklist: 01. Shifting Focus Across 360 Notes

One track - 20:45 in length.

Limited edition of 40 copies, the 3" mini cd comes housed in a round metal tin box with stickers inside the box and outside.


Compilation & Remix Appearances

Inperspectycon Vol. 2

Volume Objects: Book of Rebellion (Volume Objects Remix)

Label: Audiobulb Records

Date: April 2022

Cat & Format: AB120 | CD & DD


Places for Peace

Volume Objects: Wombroom

Label: Home Normal

Date: March 2022

Cat & Format: HNPP | DD



Volume Objects: HyperFocused/HyperUnreal

Label: Audiobulb Records

Date: December 2021

Cat & Format: ABXNNN | DD



Volume Objects: [Re]View

Label: Audiobulb Records

Date: September 2021

Cat & Format: AB113-EP | DD


Ennio's Muse

Soft Generator: Sleeping Frieda

Label: Whitelabrecs

Date: January 2021

Cat & Format: WLR | DD


Versions Of Stability

Autistici & Neuro No Neuro: Stars Under The Snow - For Every Pain A Neurone Fires (Remix)

Label: TruthTable

Date: October 2020

Cat & Format: TT016 | DD


Exhibition #100

Autistici: 2 Degrees of Internalisation

Label: Audiobulb Records

Date: September 2020

Cat & Format: AB100 | DD


Gap In Time

Autistici & Neuro No Neuro: Billion Mammals, Birds, And Reptiles Likely Lost Their Lives In The Blazes

Label: Dronarivm

Date: June 2020

Cat & Format: None | DD



Autistici: 10 Seconds Of Internalisation

Label: ATTN:Magazine

Date: April 2020

Cat & Format: ATTN:SPAN | DD


Various Artists (Eilean 100)

Autistici & Justin Varis: There Was Hardly Anything Left

Label: Eilean Rec

Date: December 2019

Cat & Format: Eilean 100 | CD & DD



Adversus Sonum ne Loquitor

Soft Generator: Acknowledge (excerpt)

Label: Carpe Sonum

Date: October 2019

Format: DD


Dialogue Tapes II

Autistici & Olan Mill: Our Dissociated Presence

Label: Eilean Rec.

Date: September 2018

Cat & Format: Eilean 97 | CD & DD


Illuminations II

Autistici: Hidden In Snow

Label: Dronarivm

Date: January 2018

Cat & Format: DR | DD



Autistici: Gap In Time (Autistici remix)

Label: Dronarivm

Date: May 2017

Cat & Format: DR-46 | CD & DD



Autistici: Two Zero Plus 16

Label: Dronarivm

Date: January 2017

Cat & Format: DR-2017 | DD


Eilean 45

Autistici: Wood Fire Ash

Label: Eilean Rec.

Date: December 2016

Cat & Format: Eilean 45 | CD & DD


Evidence of Intense Beauty

Autistici: Heated Dust on a Sunlit Window

Label: Audiobulb Records

Date: October 2016

Cat & Format: AB069 | DD


UK Experimental Underground 016 Survey

Autistici & Justin Varis Track: Light Blue

Label: Unexplained Sounds

Date: January 2016

Cat & Format: - | DD


Into The White

Autistici Track: Event Twelve

Label: Dronarivm

Date: January 2016

Cat & Format: New Year's 16 Free Compilation | DD


Dayalu /for Nepal

Autistici Track: Seven Point Eight

Label: Hibernate

Date: May 2015

Cat & Format: HB63 | CD & DD


Elements I-V

Autistici Track: Sky Garden

Label: Home Normal

Date: April 2014

Cat & Format: HOMEN059 | CD & DD


Die Welt Ist Klang: A Tribute To Pete Namlook

Daimon Beail & Autistici Track: Saving A Space (For Wherever You Are)

Label: Carpe Sonum Records

Date: November 2013

Cat & Format: Pete Namlook Tribute | 8 x CD Box Set & DD


Hibernate Sampler Vol. 6

Autistici Track: Edge Over Millstone View

Label: Hibernate

Date: August 2013

Cat & Format: hbfs06 | CD & DD


... And Darkness Came

Autistici Track: A Concise Model Of Power Outage

Label: Headphone Commute

Date: December 2012

Cat & Format: HCD001 | DD


A Winter's Gift

Autistici Track: Kepler's Gift

Label: Hibernate

Date: November 2012

Cat & Format: HB46 | CD & DD


Gold Panda - DJ Kicks

Autistici Track: Heated Dust On A Sunlit Window (mixed)

Label: Studio !K7

Date: October 2011

Cat & Format: !K7272CD | CD & DD


Just A Moment

Autistici Track: Type G (Edit)

Label: Audio Gourmet

Date: July 2011

Cat & Format: AG06 | DD


Isan Eastside

Autistici Track: Eastside - Autistici Remix

Label: Kesh

Date: January 2011

Cat & Format: Kesh016 | Vinyl & DD


Galactic Hits: Musiques Et Science-Fiction

Autistici Track: Infinity Shell

Label: Vibrations

Date: August 2010

CD released with magazine Vibrations n° 122.
Released on the occasion of the exposition "Musiques et science-fiction" at Maison d’Ailleurs.


Do Outro Lado Do Espelho (Lylac Ambient Reworks)

Autistici Track: A Secret Seach (Another Location Remix)

Label: Audiobulb

Date: May 2010

Cat & Format: AB029 | CD & DD


2 | Favourite Places

Autistici Track: Winter Heather, Frozen Breath

Label: Audiobulb

Date: November 2009

Cat & Format: AB026 | CD & DD


Feeding The Transmitter

Autistici Track: Slow Rotor Sensory Loop

Label: Amp Bit If Go Recordings

Date: July 2009

Cat & Format: amp004 | CD & DD


The Silent Ballet Volume 12: Het Machinaal Geweld Dreunde Onversaagbaar Verder...

Autistici Track: Curet Must Be Protected (Little Murmurs Grow Into Big Shouts Mix)

Label: Lost Children Net Label

Date: May 2009

Cat & Format: LostChildren068 | DD


Through The Mirror: adcBicycle Revisioned

Through The Mirror: adcBicycle Revisioned

Autistici Track: Performance (36 Seats Taken)

Label: 12rec

Date: September 2008

Cat & Format: 12rec.051 | CDr


12k Promo Sampler 001

Autistici Track: Attaching Softness To A Shell [C]

Label: 12k

Date: December 2007

Cat & Format: 12kP001 | CD


Vibrating Portraits

Autistici Track: Reflected From Edward Seed

Label: Nexsound

Date: September 2007

Cat & Format: ns58 | DD


Hmmm Remix Compilation

Autistici Track: A Carving From 10 Lips

Label: Le Son 666

Date: July 2007

Cat & Format: 666-13 | CD & DD



Autistici Track: Attaching Softness To A Shell [A]

Autistici Track: Attaching Softness To A Shell [B]

Label: 12k

Date: November 2006

Cat & Format: 12k1039 | CD


Cepheid Variable

Autistici Track: Leydon Jar

Label: Filament Recordings

Date: December 2005

Cat & Format: Fila001 | CD


Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds

Autistici Track: Let's Go Away For A While (Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming)

Kid Gloves & Autistici Track: Pet Sounds (Zoophilia)

Label: Unaffiliated

Date: September 2005

Cat & Format: Hipp | DD


Coloured Lights

Autistici Track: Short Dispersive Mix

Label: Kikapu

Date: June 2005

Cat & Format: kpu078 | DD


Intricate Maximals

Autistici Track: Nurture Nature

Label: Audiobulb

Date: March 2005

Cat & Format: AB006 | CD & DD


Wein, Weib Und Gesang

Autistici Track: Locations Marked On A Map Of Silence

Label: Kikapu

Date: September 2004

Cat & Format: kpu072 | DD



Autistici Track: Breath Holding Onto A Window

Label: Audiobulb

Date: March 2004

Cat & Format: AB004 | CD & DD


Exhibition #2

Autistici Track: Tiny Machines Engaged In An Unsuccessful Vasectomy

Autistici Remix: Maersk (Takahama Port Remix)

Label: Audiobulb

Date: October 2003

Cat & Format: AB002 | DD



Volume Objects / Autistici / Soft Generator / Monogoto


Volume Objects is the website of D Newman, a UK electronic music composer who is based in Sheffield (UK). His work incorporates a wide range of sources including textural sound design, orchestration, space and fragments of found sound or field recordings. Tracks focus on representing details from both the natural and man-made world. Each detail has the potential to be preserved or lost, clarified or confused. This means that any audio element, including elements from his own body become incorporated into the composition.

This fascination on the interplay between inner and outer world embodies Volume Objects' sound. There is an intimate, intense and enmeshed sense of connection with tiny details (e.g., dust on vinyl, a door opening, heart beats, breathing, snoring). The name Volume Objects represents a fascination with amplification and the ability to magnify tiny sounds and bring the previously unheard into focus.

As well as solo works there have been great opportunities to write with others who I admire and respect as artists and people. Monogoto is a creative partnership with Ian Hawgood and Porya Hatami. Soft Generator is a partnership with the wondeful Erik Schoster/He Can Jog.

Volume Objects / Autistici / Monogoto / Soft Generator has released music on a number of labels worldwide, including:

Volume Objects been interviewed for a number of publications including:

A transcript of these interviews can be found here: Interview Transcripts


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I will post CDs anywhere in the world.

Contact me via email to make an enquiry and payment.


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I can be reached on contact [ at ] volume-objects.com

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