Soft Generator - On A Map Of Sound

Autistici & Justin Varis - Nine

Label: Shimmering Mood Records

Date: February 2023

Cat & Format: STC 024 | Ltd CD & DD

Tracklist: 01. A Further Point Of View | 02. We Found It

On a Map of Sound is compiled from two long form journeys that traverse a narrative across time and space. Extending distance, gathering fragments of audio dust and polishing it. The result endures just as the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.....

Soft Generator are:
David Newman (Autistici/Volume Objects) -
Erik Schoster (He Can Jog) -
Michel Mazza (OdNu)

Erik Schoster spent his formative years honking a trombone and photocopying zines in the American Midwest. He studied composition and harmony with Joanne Metcalf, electroacoustic improvisation with Matt Turner, and trombone with Nick Keelan. Erik sometimes records as HeCanJog. He currently writes free (libre) sound software by the Mississippi river, but would rather be listening.

Michel Mazza identifies as a negentropic agent of sound, plays guitar through machines and plays machines through midi guitar, knitting loops with faders, chopping tiny melodies to reconstruct abstract languages made of grains and debris from acoustic instruments, synths, voices and field recordings. Sometimes records as OdNu and sometimes collaborates with sonic friends but always hides in the forest in upstate New York surrounded by nature, music, machines and speakers.

David Newman is electronic music composer who is based in Sheffield (UK). His work incorporates a wide range of sources including textural sound design, orchestration, space and fragments of found sound or field recordings. Tracks focus on representing details from both the natural and man-made world. Each detail has the potential to be preserved or lost, clarified or confused. This means that any audio element, including elements from his own body become incorporated into the composition.

Credits :

Written and produced by Soft Generator
Mastered by Volume Objects