Monogoto - Partial Deletion Of Everything (Vol 1)

Autistici & Justin Varis - Nine

Label: 12k

Date: November 2020

Cat & Format: 12k3027 | DD

Duration: 34:51

Track listing: 01. Iuxta Mare [deletion 5]

Ambient artists and peers Ian Hawgood, Porya Hatami and David Newman have come together to compose a series of works based on the concept of creation, change and loss. Partial Deletion of Everything (Vol I) marks the beginning of this shared stream of consciousness.

The first volume contains a single long-form track titled ‘Iuxta Mare’. The track weaves acoustic instruments, field recordings, synthesisers and modular chains to sculpt its narrative and channel a flow across acoustic space, time and silence.

The Partial Deletion of Everything series focusses on impermanent objects and their placement within time. Even somethings as vast and powerful as the ocean was once not here. The Work chronicles the impact of beautiful moments in time and documents how they change, disintegrate and fade. Each ‘deletion’ references the interplay between physical reality and subjective experience. Our bodies hold memories and experience the impact of changes and loss.

As an artist collective, we are pleased the music is at once exquisitely sad and uplifting. It flows at a surface level whilst encompassing deep undercurrents. Like ocean waves, each reflection holds up a mirror to the experience time passing.

Our work to date as individual artists has featured on many excellent labels including 12k, Home Normal, Hibernate, Audiobulb, Dragons Eye, 12 rec, Eilean Records and many others. 


Written by Ian Hawgood, Porya Hatami and David Newman
Mastered by Taylor Deupree
Cover Art by Taylor Deupree


Fluid Radio

‘Partial Deletion of Everything’ unites Porya Hatami, Ian Hawgood, and David Newman. Volume 1 consists of a single, long-form composition, and it slinks through the permanent themes of creation, change, erosion, and loss. In particular, though, this volume channels a shared stream of consciousness, flowing between the trio and harmonising the music, and its long-form design perfectly suits an uninterrupted flow of consciousness.

In Volume 1, entitled luxta Mare, acoustic instrumentation, field recordings, synthesizers, and modular chains all run through the music and its sibling of silence. The series concentrates on the inevitability of impermanence and the certainty of transition; things are always changing, eroding, and reforming, and music is no exception. In fact, music is evidence of change, if evidence were ever needed. No note is ever the same, even in a loop; time is always passing to a greater or lesser degree.

Partial Deletion of Everything zooms in on impermanent objects and their placement within time, where ‘even something as vast and powerful as the ocean was once not here’. The music flows with ease, but there’s a seismic power and a substantial mass of water rolling and gyrating underneath its surface. When submerged under its waves, listeners are able to pick up distinct sounds, receiving the calls and cries of other, unclassified creatures on the music’s sonar. All of them seem benevolent, even in a cruel or at least indifferent world, where only the fittest survive. Native to its ambient waters, the tranquil sounds leave bubbles of reverb in their wake. Echoes float on, too, like a strand of a thought.

Partial Deletion of Everything captures a series of beautiful moments, forever lost in time, and documents how, over the gulf of many years, they change, disintegrate, and sometimes fade entirely, with each ‘deletion’ referencing the interplay between physical reality and subjective experience. Rather than fight against the inevitability of deletion (which is a futile exercise), it may be more liberating to accept erosion as being a natural law of the Universe, as it affects everything. Stars are not immune to death, either; the process is as natural as breathing, and the three musicians understand the nature of life. For every inhalation, there needs to be a subsequent exhalation.


Igloo Mag

12k also hosts ambient ‘supergroup’ Monogoto, whose Partial Deletion Of Everything (Vol 1) marks the start to communion between Ian Hawgood, Porya Hatami and David Newman (familiar from labels like Home Normal, Audiobulb and Hibernate) which envisages a series of works based on the concept of creation, change and loss, focused on impermanent objects and their placement in time. Its single long-form track, “Iuxta Mare,” combines acoustic instrumentation, synths and modular chains with field recordings in a narrative sonification documenting the impact of beautiful moments in time and how they change, disintegrate and fade, each ‘deletion’ referencing an interplay between physical reality and subjective experience.


The Answer Is In The Beat

The first release by the trio of Ian Hawgood, Porya Hatami, and David Newman is a 35-minute piece titled “Iuxta Mare [deletion 5]”. While all flowing down the same stream, the piece melds a lot of different sounds and approaches, from acoustic plucks to tattering effects and modular synth textures, and it sounds both carefully assembled and dreamlike happenstance. The decaying downward swoops and the intricate reversed notes, among other sounds, all give this one some character. It also floats far away from where it starts and goes through lots of changes which are hard to pick out individually — no hairpin turns, just subtle, constant evolution. It unmistakably sounds like a collaboration, as there’s such a wide range of ideas that one person seemingly wouldn’t have come up with on their own, but it’s a cohesive one that promises more paths yet to be taken.



Un silente flusso di coscienza che si dipana sinuoso lasciando emergere tracce di memoria incastrate nel fondo dell’anima. È il primo tassello di un ampio progetto di condivisione questo volume uno pubblicato a firma Monogoto, un itinerario dedicato al processo di creazione, cambiamento e perdita che vede riuniti sotto una comune sigla tre navigati autori quali Ian HawgoodPorya Hatami e David Newman.

Guidati dall’inarrestabile moto della corrente dell’oceano, dall’incessante scorrere dell’acqua raffigurato in copertina, il trio plasma una lunga sinfonia elettro acustica che vede fusi in un unitario torrente sonoro fragili risonanze armoniche, flebili echi ambientali e vaporosi flussi sintetici. Tali componenti, affiancate e stratificate in costante equilibrio disegnano una meditativa scia ambientale in costante mutamento, perfetta raffigurazione aurale del concetto di impermanenza indagato dal trio.

Dal silenzio, gradualmente si innalza un denso, placido fondale attraversato a tratti da essenziali nuclei melodici o riverberi cosmici generati da sistemi modulari, interpolato da stille materiche che repentinamente si disgregano a testimoniare il costante scorrere del tempo che rende effimero ogni oggetto del reale.

Perfettamente aderente all’estetica cara all’etichetta di Taylor Deupree, questo malinconico mare sonico rapisce e trascina con fare cullante invitandoci ad attendere con ansia l’arrivo della prossima onda emozionale.


A silent stream of consciousness that winds its way through, leaving traces of memory embedded in the depths of the soul to emerge. This volume, one published by Monogoto, is the first piece of a large sharing project, an itinerary dedicated to the process of creation, change and loss that brings together under a common theme three experienced authors such as Ian Hawgood, Porya Hatami and David Newman.

Guided by the unstoppable motion of the ocean current, by the incessant flow of water depicted on the cover, the trio shapes a long electro-acoustic symphony that sees fragile harmonic resonances, faint environmental echoes and vaporous synthetic flows merged into a unitary torrent of sound. These components, side by side and layered in constant balance, draw a meditative environmental trail in constant change, a perfect aural representation of the concept of impermanence investigated by the trio.

From the silence, a dense, placid backdrop gradually rises, crossed at times by essential melodic nuclei or cosmic reverberations generated by modular systems, interpolated by material drops that suddenly disintegrate to witness the constant flow of time that makes every object of reality ephemeral.

Perfectly adhering to the aesthetic dear to Taylor Deupree's label, this melancholy sonic sea captivates and lulls us along inviting us to anxiously await the arrival of the next emotional wave.