Autistici - Grusch's Biologics

Autistici & Justin Varis - Nine

Label: Poverty Electronics

Date: August 2023

Cat & Format: PE | DD

Tracklist: 01. Grusch's Biologics

Steep trajectory glitch electronics and percussive energy combine with anti gravity melodies

The first in a series of reconstructions by various artists of datewithdeath's 'Execution Style'

Composed by Autistici
From sound material by Travis D. Johnson

Credits :

Written and produced by Soft Generator
Mastered by Volume Objects






Faeton Music

Good evening. Sometimes my brain needs some kind of musical reboot. I just don’t know how to describe it in any different way. It’s that feeling when you are tired of anything “musical” in the usual meaning of this word, and you just need to hear anything more abstract. So, today here is the track called “Grusch’s Biologics” by Autistici — experimental electronic music artist from Sheffield, UK, (feat. datewithdeath). Let’s check it!

As I said before, this composition is not about musicality or arrangement details. It’s more about the atmosphere, vibe, and listener’s perception of them. It’s kinda mix of ambient, techno, glitch, and probably something else. Sure thing, all these strange and beautiful sounds are floating on top of the pretty wide and soft tonal synth background. But overall, this is still a music of the mood (which is wonderful for me at this certain point in time).

This composition is incredibly hypnotic. Yes, some sounds are pretty harsh and unpredictable but it literally pulls me into their vibrations and soothing in some strange way. To be honest, I like to hear anything that slightly shocks my brain. I can’t say that I am shocked by this music, I am definitely not, because I am listening to too much experimental music. Probably that’s why I like it so much.

I also checked out other music by both artists. Of course, since I don’t know their music deep enough, I can’t say about their fingerprints on this track. But I can say that they are both making wonderful music besides this track. So, if you like sonic experiments, then check out their music by following the links below the post.

I hope your brains has been ready for this stuff and I didn’t break your evening (or whatever) vibe. Enjoy the music and stand with Ukraine! Peace <3